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The Conlang flag

The conlang flag consists of a rising sun behind a ziggurat or terraced tower. The purple represents creativity, and the tower alludes to the Tower of Babel and to the never-ending building process involved in conlanging.

The flag was voted on by the members of the CONLANG mailing list in September 2004. A rapid series of designs were created by many people, many iterating on earlier versions: the design includes the suggestions of many.

The final design was drawn by Christian Thalmann.

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Christian Thalmann's original artwork of the Conlang flag at various sizes

Image:Conflag big.png
Image:Conflag med.png
Image:Conflag sma.png
Image:Conflag sim.png
Image:Conflag dim.png
Image:Conflag mic.png
Image:Conflag thm.png
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