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Created: September 2009
Administrators: loftyD
Former Moderators: Ashucky, Maximillian and Trajan
Website purpose: Conworld News Broadcaster, share conworld information, conworld events etc etc.

CWNC.Net was a unique website designed for conworlders who wanted to share their conworld with other conworlders on the web. It served as a place where users could make a conworld sound real, in the form of creating news articles about it. As well as that users could post a Conworld Profile about their conworld giving other people more information about it..

CWNC.Net was created back in September 2009 where it since had been developed to a much better standard. The website also featured a admin backend named myCWNC. This was where you could create news articles and chat to other users in the Message Corner.

Website: myCWNC: OR

As of February 2023, the Internet domain CWNC.Net is for sale.

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