Kizha P Qalhish

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Kizha P Qalhish
gabena kizha p qałish
Pronounced: [gaˈbɛ.na ki.ʒa pə qaˈɬiʃ]
Writing system: alphabet with featural and logographic elements
Genealogy: possibly related to Wanya
Basic word order: flexible with head-initial tendencies
Creator: Fenhl

Kizha P Qalhish (often abbreviated as KPQ), is a conlang sketch by Fenhl. It started out as his third attempt at finding a heartlang, and stopped being developed when the fourth attempt, Wanya, succeeded. He is now using the idea of an orthography as an opportunity to revive the language.


Fenhl is currently considering using a modified version of a gleb-generated phonology (seed=1740137909), mixed with the first KPQ phonology draft which was a reused Aaye phonology draft and contained 52 phonemes.

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