Nordaþ phonology

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This article deals with representing the graphemes and their phonetic values in the Nordaþ language.

Nordaþ language

Writing system


The following table represents Nordaþ vowels and diphthongs. It also reveals vowel placements (back/front/middle).

Grapheme/Diphthong IPA Value Back-Vowel Front-Vowel Middle-Vowel
a a/ɑ + - -
- - +
ä æ - + -
- - +
e ɛ - + -
ë e/ɛɪ - + -
i i - + -
ï ɪ - - +
o o/ɔ/əʊ + - -
ɔɪ - - +
u u + - -
y y - + -


This table deals with the graphemes and IPA realisations of the graphemes. Unlike with vowels, there are no front, back, or middle consonants realised.

Grapheme IPA Value
b b/β
d d
f f
g g
h h
j j
k k
l l/ɫ
m m/ɱ
n n
ng ŋ
p p
r ɾ (ɹ is used following short vowels and at the end of syllables which are not followed by a vowel

sound. If they are and the proceeding sound to the 'r' is a long/middle vowel, then ɾ is used instead)

s s
š ʃ
t t
þ θ/ð
v v
w w
z z
ž ʒ