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Nordaþ uses prefixes and suffixes (affixes) to convey additional meaning besides simple noun cases and verb conjugations. Below is an exhaustive list of such affixes and their English equivalents.

Nordaþ language

Writing system


English Prefix Meaning English Example Prefix (back/front)
a(n)- not, without atonality, asexuality, amoral, anarchy, anonymous am/äm-
aero- air aeronautics, aerodrome, aeroplane, aerodynamics brï/bre-
anti- against antidote, antibody, anticlockwise antï/änti-
auto- self autonomy, autobiography, automobile, autopilot ïlka/ilkä-
circum- around circumnavigation, circumlocution, circumference rïng/ring-
co/com/col/cor/con- with, together cooperative, conference, connotation, context, congregation mïd/mid-
contra- opposite contradictory, contraception angï/änge
deca/deka- ten dekametre dak/dek-
deci- tenth decimetre dakþa/dekþä-
di- two diurnal du/dy-
dia- through diagonal, diagnosis þur/þyr-
dys- deformed, abnormal dyspepsia, dystrophy nat/nät-
ec(o)- house ecology, economy, ecotourism haim-
electr(o)- electricity electrocution, electroencephalogram lïman/limän-
encephalo- brain encephalitis bra/brä-
end(o)/ent(o)- inside endoscope, endothermic ïn/en-
erg(o)- work ergonomics arbai/ärbai-
ex(o)- outside exoskeleton au-
hyper- excessively hyperactive, hyperthyroidism su/sy-
hypo- far below normal hypothermia, hypodermic lu/ly-
in/im/il/ir- not immorality, illiteratacy, infallibility nï/ne-
inter- between internet, international ma/mä-
intra- within intramural, intravenous ïïn/en-
kilo- thousand kilogram, kilometre tau-
macro- big macroscopic kru/kry-
mega- million megabyte mïl/mil-
micro- millionth, very small microgram, microscopic, microorganism mïlþa/milþä-
mid- middle mid-terms mïd/mid-
milli- thousandth milligram, millimetre täuþa/täuþä-
mis- wrong misanthropy, miscarriage, misogyny mïs/mis-
over- excessiveness über, overanxious uubïr/yyber-
over- above overview ubïr/yber-
post- after postpartum depression, postmodernity, postmodernism aftï/äfte-
pre- before prediction, preview, precedent, prenatal care far/fär-
psycho- mind, mental psychology, psychosomatic mund/mynd-
re- again return, review, remark aib-
rect(i)- straight, upright rectangle, rectify rïk/rek-
retro- backwards, reverse retrograde baa/bää-
sub- below, less than, under subset, subsonic, subway, subtitles bulg/bylg-
super- extremely, more than superhuman, Superego, supersonic maa/mää-
syn- along with, together, at the same time synergy, synchronicity aal/ääl-
tel(e)/tel(o)- (the other) end, far, over a long distance telecommunications, television, telephoto lens, telodynamic tïl/tel-
trans- across transfer, transatlantic, Trans-Siberian railway tran/trän-
trans- beyond transubstantiation ïþ/eþ-
tri- three triangle trï/tre-
un- taking something away undo, undelete rïm/rem-
uni- one unilateral un/yn-


English Suffix Meaning English Example Suffix (back/front)
-arch ruler, leader monarch, tetrarch -for/fyr*
-cide murder regicide, homicide, genocide -däud*
-cide killing agent pesticide, insecticide -däudïr/däuder*
-cracy rule kakistocracy, democracy, androcracy -rïïk/rik*
-cy expressing the quality of an adjective peccancy, agency, idiocy -sïï/si*
-ectomy surgical removal laryngectomy, vasectomy -nïm/nim*
-esque in style of Pythonesque, Romanesque -gïk/gek*
-ful full of, having some or much hopeful, useful -ful/fyl*
-gon geometric shape octagon, polygon -häu*
-hedron geometric solid tetrahedron -hïran/hirän*
-holic love, addiction alcoholic, workaholic -naik*
-ics study of economics, astronomics -ïk/ik*
-ish/i/ese language English, Punjabi, Chinese -ïsk/esk*
-ish/i/ese ethnicity Pakistani, Finnish, Japanese -vam/väm*
-ism doctrine, act, practice, condition Protestantism, alcoholism, Buddhism, southernism -ïsmï/esme*
-ist person (to be used only when -ïr/er is unsuitable dentist, optometrist -ïst/est*
-itis disease or inflammation gingivitis, hepatitis -ait*
-ity expressing state or condition normality, formality, banality -ïït/it*
-less lack of homeless, useless -läus*
-let diminutive, or denoting a relation to some part of the body ringlet, hamlet, anklet -lït/let*
-ly -like, having the attributes of (non-inclusive of adverbs) quickly -lo/ly*
-mania an irrational but irresistible motive for a belief or action kleptomania, megalomania, mythomania -manja/mänjä*
-ography/gram writing, description stenography, geography, ideogram -srïï/sri*
-onomy knowledge astronomy -anam/änäm*
-osis process, action mitosis, osmosis -amal/ämäl*
-osis formation ostosis tïm/tim*
-phone sound, audio telephone, homophone -lud/lyd*
-scope from Greek skopos, view; instrument for viewing and observing spaces microscope, telescope -sï/se*
-ward/wise direction clockwise, northward -stï/ste*

Other suffixes

English Part of Speech Additional Information Suffix (back/front)
Ability Nouns -able -daas/dääs*
Act of Doing -tion/ing (gerund) -song/syng*
Action Nouns -er/or* -ïr/er*
Action Receiver Nouns -ed -ït/et*
Adjective (Excluding the -er/-est bits) -ïs/es*
Adverb   -lïïs/lës
Comparative   -ïïr/ër
Conjunction   -(ai)nd
Definite Article the -dï/de*
Indefinite Article a/an -ïn/en*
Interjection   -jï/je
"ness" -ness -nïs/nes*
Superlative   -ït/et