Writing system of Nordaþ

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This article deals with the alphabet, punctuation and orthographic rules of the Nordaþ language. For detailed information on the pronunciation not found here, see also Nordaþ phonology.


Nordaþ language

Writing system

Names of the Letters

Modern letter names
A /ˈa.ɪ/ Ï i bïdonmïdïï /i bɪ.don.mɪ.ˈdɪː/ Š šei /ˌʃɛ.i/
Ä aï bïdonmïdïï /ˈa.ɪ bɪ.don.mɪ.ˈdɪː/ J jei /ˈjɛ.i/ T tei /ˈtɛ.i/
B bei /ˈbe.i/ K kei /ˈkɛ.i/ Þ þei /ˈθɛ.i/
D dei /ˈdɛ.i/ L lei /ˈlɛ.i/ U /ˈu.ɪ/
E ei /ˈɛ.i/ M mei /ˈmɛ.i/ V vei /ˈvɛ.i/
Ë ei bïdonmïdïï /ˈˌɛ.i bɪ.don.mɪ.ˈdɪː/ N nei /ˈnɛ.i/ W wei /ˈwɛ.i/
F fei /ˈfɛ.i/ O /ˈo.ɪ/ Y yi /ˈy.i/
G gei /ˈɡɛ.i/ P pei /ˈpɛ.i/ Z zei /ˈzɛ.i/
H hei /ˈhɛ.i/ R rei /ˈɾɛ.i/ Ž žei /ˈʒɛ.i/
I ii /iː/ S sei /ˈsɛ.i/    


While Nordaþ uses standard sentence endings, Nordaþ uses quotation marks in a different manner than English. and are used to begin initial quotes. and are used for quotes within quotes.


Nordaþ words are stressed in the penultima, typically. However, if the word ends in a doubled vowel, then the ultima receives the stress. Compounded words are stressed as if each word within were a separate word.