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The Nordaþ language uses determiners in a mostly similar way to English. The main difference is that that they "agree" with what they refer to in terms of both number (singular/plural) and gender (masculine/feminine) and inflect to show placement.

Demonstrative determiners

Nordaþ language

Writing system

Nordaþ has three levels of demonstrative adjectives:

1. Closest to the speaker (proximal): þesämis
2. Closest to the hearer (distal): þäsemis
3. Far from both (distal): þesemis


Definite article

The definite article in Nordaþ is -de*/-dï*, and attaches directly to the stem word. Any inflections to it are added after the de/dï. The D is dropped if the stem ended in a D.

Indefinite article

The indefinite article in Nordaþ is -en*/-ïn*, and is used the same way that -de*/-dï* is. The E is only dropped if the stem ended in two.

Possessive determiners

Unlike Romance languages, Nordaþ does not distinguish between genitive pronouns and genitive adjectives - they are both genitive pronouns in Nordaþ. (See also Nordaþ pronouns.)