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cedh audmanh or simply Cedh.



My main project is the collaborative conworld Akana, where most of my conlangs are situated.
(Details and up-to-date info about the Akana project can be found at the AkanaWiki).


Language sketches and unfinished contributions

  • Ree Rɛɛ Kıbyaa - a more agglutinating (and non-tonal) sister language to Ronc Tyu, also a contribution to the 2014 Reconstruction Relay.
  • Omari and Hkətl’ohnim - my contributions to the 2011/2012 Reconstruction Relay, both of them highly synthetic and with complex morphophonologies.
  • Tsemehkiooni - an unfinished a priori conlanging project inspired by typological features of various Native North American languages. I documented the creation process of this language on my blog [+resonant] in the form of a language creation tutorial (in German).
  • O Ayōndui - an agglutinating language of the Lukpanic family, which will eventually feature Basque-inspired surdéclinaison (this part hasn't been described yet).
  • Fu Pitão - a sketch of the Lukpanic dialect spoken in Kpitamoa, used as a substrate for Doayâu.
  • Farwo n-Abebbu - a sketch of the Namɨdu dialect spoken in Abebbu (descended from Fáralo).
  • Cəssın - another Fáralo descendant (which has been worked out in some more detail), featuring vowel harmony and agglutinative verbs.
  • Kuyʔūn - a daughter of Adāta with heavy Habeo influence.
  • Lotoka - a Peninsular language with quite a number of cases and voices.
  • Proto-Mbingmik - the beginnings of an isolating a priori language inspired by Khmer and French, intended to serve as the basis for a new language family.
  • Munnaaqiú - the beginnings of a Núalís-Takuña language, aesthetically influenced by Inuktitut.

Project presentation

I gave a talk about the Akana project at the LCC4 conference in Groningen (NL) in May 2011 (together with Tam Blaxter).

Other projects

Conlang Relay participation

CBB Conlang Relay XII
Bokisig → Ronc Tyutorch (2020-08-10)
LCC8 Relay
High Speech → Ndok Aisôtorch (2019-05-20)
CBB Conlang Relay IX
Silvish → Ronc Tyutorch (2018-02-23)
Conlang Relay 25
Ring A: Angosey → Ronc Tyutorch (2018-01-04)
Ring B: Emihtazuu → Buruya Nzaysatorch (2018-01-15)
CBB Conlang Relay VIII
Däldlen → Ndok Aisôtorch (2017-02-08)
Conlang Relay 23
'"račonese → Ronc Tyutorch (2016-10-09)
CBB Conlang Relay VII
Ardelian → Ronc Tyutorch (2015-09-19)
Conlang Relay 22
łaá siri → Ronc Tyutorch (2015-06-26)
LCC6 Relay
Ring 1: Interslavic → Ree Rɛɛ Kıbyaatorch (2015-03-12)
CBB Conlang Relay VI
Dánıdoo → Ronc Tyutorch (2015-01-18)
Tumblr Conlang Relay 4 (TCR4)
Ring 4: Nuim → Ronc Tyutorch (2014-11-13)
Ring 5: Àboshì → Buruya Nzaysatorch (2014-11-27)
Conlang Relay 21
Ring 1: TIALBuruya Nzaysatorch (2013-10-28)
Ring 2: Kgáweq’ → Tmaśareʔtorch (2013-11-24)
CBB Conlang Relay IV
Omlűt → Farwo n-Abebbutorch (2013-10-27)
Tumblr Conlang Relay 3 (TCR3)
Fragment 1: Fasime → Farwo n-Abebbutorch (2013-06-17)
Fragment 2: Shibai → Buruya Nzaysatorch (2013-06-02)
Fragment 3: Anikele → Doayâutorch (2013-05-30)
Fragment 4: Anikele → Ndok Aisôtorch (2013-05-28)
Fragment 5: Anikele → Tmaśareʔtorch (2013-06-09)
Fragment 6: Fasime → Proto-Mbingmiktorch (2013-06-21)
LCC5 Relay
sodna-lɛni → Buruya Nzaysatorchvideo (2013-04-05)
Conlingual Telephone VII
Jan12 → Buruya Nzaysatorch (2013-03-01)
Conlang Relay 20
AlurhsaDoayâutorch (2013-02-10)
CBB Conlang Relay I
Maxédri → Buruya Nzaysatorch (2012-09-03)
Conlang Relay 19
Ring 1: Mev Pailom → Buruya Nzaysatorch (2012-06-24)
Ring 2: IthkuilTmaśareʔtorch (2012-05-21)
Conlingual Telephone VI
High EolicDoayâutorch (2011-12-11)
Conlingual Telephone V
KannowTmaśareʔtorch (2011-07-17)
LCC4 Relay
AyeriTmaśareʔtorch (2011-04-09)
Conlang Relay 18
Ring A: West GermanicDoayâutorch (2010-12-29)
Ring B: FeayranBuruya Nzaysatorch (2011-01-22)
Ring C: PrevliCəssıntorch (2011-02-06)
Conlang Relay 17
Ring C: LhenaziBuruya Nzaysatorch (2010-02-24)
Ring D: SilindionNdok Aisôtorch (2010-03-07)