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Aaron, aka "Bornfor"

Sometime during the 90's. Or was it the 80's?


World Observer,
Sometime archivist.

Spoken languages:

(In order of proficiency ↔ deficiency)


Active created conlangs: Sandic, Baljek, Badis, Kaĵéét

Constructed languages,

Bornfor! He's fantastic! He's incredible! He's... bornfor!

No, just kidding.

Who is bornfor?

Bornfor is Aaron, a 20-something year old hermit who lives somewhere in the southeastern US. He likes long walks on the beach, sipping Pina coladas... He's been conlanging since he was a kid, but only recently (in the past five or six years or so) started writing things down. Chronologically speaking that's a little over a fourth of his lifetime ago, so imagine all the things he lost in the time before he started writing things down!

What does bornfor know?

Though he would some day very much like to, Bornfor has never studied linguistics formally. As a result, many of the descriptions of his language(s) are senseless and hard to follow both idiomatic and probably confusing to most people. For this he sincerely apologizes.
Interestingly enough, though, Aaron has found that creating languages isn't limited to those who know the technical terms for how language works. He's fond of his creation(s), even if he can't always describe them in technical terms.

What does bornfor do?

Aaron is primarily working on Sandic, the daughter of a language called Weyr (no relation to the books about dragon-riders!) that he created way back in 2003 or 2004. He does also from time to time work on a couple of side projects like Baljek ('sister language?' to Sandic) and Cat Sign [1] (language which developed into a written lingua-franca over his con-continent). On Frathwiki, Aaron is guilty for the mess that is the page about Sandic, the flooding of the 'Recent Changes' page with minor updates to many pages, and the Conlang Rescue Project.

“You begin saving the world by saving one person at a time; all else is grandiose romanticism or politics.” ― Charles Bukowski

What does bornfor like?

Frath pages bornfor likes:

Talk to/observe the bornfor

1st most reliable method for contact: wood.wlf by gee mail period com
2nd most reliable method for contact: #conlang . Just ask for bornfor.

Bornfor's notes to Bornfor

  • Don't forget to check back on the old langmaker site to see if henning has got this one there or not.
  • Get all those pages you've tagged with "brokenlinks" sometime, or something. eesh.
  • Do something about organising conlang subtypes- create a template for each one to link to category pages. Put at the bottom of said pages.
  • Create a category for "well-formed" languages. Create a criteria for entry, or... something. idk.
  • Maybe make a list of conlangs by creation date?
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