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I've worked on a large number of conlangs, mostly sketches. Some of the more developed ones are:

  • 'Yemls (uses roman alphabet as syllabary and has interchangeable parts of speech)
  • Vallés (a not-quite-generic Romlang)
  • Naisek (a not-quite Euroclone)
  • K'tlê (head-marking with a 2-1-3 person hierarchy and a fairly small phoneme set)

While I plan to put the results on my own googlepages site, I'm putting a copy of the schedule and some other info here on FrathWiki at Conlang Translation Relay 16.

A little more recently, I've worked on a couple of auxlangs: FIAL (First IAL) and SIAL (Second IAL) -- I'd like to avoid wiki pages pending name changes, but couldn't -- with somewhat different approaches. SIAL actually has more than a trivial number of words (for a change; it helps to adapt recognizable Latin words), although a lot of it is provisional.

Even more recently, I've started a number of sketches. One is TriCons4, which is supposed to be triconsonantal, but doesn't go very far along that road; a bit more like PIE, only simpler (but then, what isn't?). Another is Q-OVS aka Ŋovasi aka Kàafesà; it's OVS as the first name suggests and has active alignment.

I've played with trying to do a Pao-type language as well. I've also started a language for fictional purposes, but I may reuse the syntax for another auxlang (TIAL, I suppose). Actually, I've been working on TIAL for some time now; I don't remember if I reused the syntax. Aside from that, I've been playing with switch-reference and clause-chaining.

I've started quite a few sketches since this was last updated. One of them, Jan12, has been used in Conlang Translation Relay 20, so I need to find a better name for it. Jan12 features predicates with clause type and valence affixes as well as inversion. It's an offshoot of Dec29, which was originally supposed to be a Kēlen-like language.