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Nahuatl is an Aztecan language, spoken by the Aztecs and their descendants in Mexico.



Bilabial Alveolar Lateral Alveolar Postalveolar Palatal Velar Glottal
Stops p t c (k) h (ʔ ?)
Affricates tz (ts t_s) tl (tˡɬ t_l_K) ch (tʃ t_S)
Fricatives z (s) l (ɬ K) x (ʃ S)
Nasals m n
Semi-vowels y (j) hu (w)
  • /w/ is spelt uh syllable-finally.
  • /kw/ is spelt cu, or uc syllable-finally.
  • /s/ before i or e is spelt c, and z elsewhere
  • /k/ before i or e is spelt qu, and c elsewhere

Nahuatl words in English

  • atlatl
  • avocado (←ahuacatl)
  • axolotl
  • chicle (←chictli)
  • chili, chile, chilli (←chilli)
  • chocolate (←xocolatl)
  • cocoa, cacao (←cacahuatl)
  • guacamole (←ahuacamolli)
  • coyote (←coyotl)
  • ocelot (←ocelotl)
  • peyote, peyotl (←peyotl)
  • tomato (←tomatl)

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