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This template lets you note on your user page that you participated in a Conlang Relay.


{{torch|Conlang Relay 16|from=Ithkuil|to=Kamakawi}}


Conlang Relay 16
Ithkuil → Kamakawi

You can add a link to your torch with the tag torch=, and specify details about the relay structure by adding the tags ring=[NAME OF RING], skipped=1, orig=1, and/or team=[NAME OF COLLABORATOR].

{{torch|Conlang Relay 16|from=Ithkuil|to=Kamakawi|torch=Conlang Relay 16/Kamakawi}}
{{torch|Conlang Relay 16|from=Ithkuil|to=Kamakawi|ring=Ring B|team=Dedalvs|skipped=1}}
{{torch|Conlang Relay 16|to=Kamakawi|orig=1}}


Conlang Relay 16
Ithkuil → Kamakawi — torch
Conlang Relay 16 — Ring B (in a team with Dedalvs)
Ithkuil → Kamakawi — skipped
Conlang Relay 16
Kamakawi (original text)

Pages that exist on this wiki are linked automatically. If you want to link to an external page instead, use the tags fromlink=[URL]|fromext=1 for a link to the source language, tolink=[URL]|toext=1 for a link to the target language, and/or torch=[URL]|torchext=1 for a link to the torch itself.

{{torch|Conlang Relay 16|Ring B|from=Ithkuil|fromlink=http://www.ithkuil.net/|fromext=1|to=Kamakawi|tolink=http://dedalvs.conlang.org/kamakawi/|toext=1|torch=http://www.frathwiki.com/Conlang_Relay_16/Kamakawi|torchext=1}}


Conlang Relay 16 — Ring B
Ithkuil → Kamakawi — torch

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