LCC5 Relay

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The LCC5 Relay is a conlang relay that was organized by Sylvia Sotomayor as part of the fifth Language Creation Conference in March/April 2013. It has only one ring.

The results of this relay were unveiled live at the conference.

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David PetersonDothrakitorch

Jessie Sams — Hiutsath — torch

Sally Caves — Teonahttorch

John Clifford — toki ponatorch

Zach Wellstoodłaá siritorch

John QuijadaIthkuiltorch

Jim Henrygjâ-zym-byntorch

Sylvia Sotomayor — sodna-lɛni — torch

Jan StrasserBuruya Nzaysatorch

Alex Fink and SaiUNLWStorch

Tony HarrisTariattatorch

Jeffrey JonesTIALtorch

David PetersonDothrakitorch
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