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Paleo-Atlantic is a name for a hypothetical prehistoric language family coined by Jörg Rhiemeier. This language family would have spread in western Europe north of the Pyrenees and the Alps when it was repopulated after the Last Glacial Maximum (20,000-16,000 BC).

These languages are not known. Basque may be the last surviving language of this family (if it is not a Paleo-Mediterranean or a Neolithic language, perhaps of Cardial-Impresso affiliation); in that way, it may be the same entity as Theo Vennemann's Vasconic family, though it seems doubtful that the Old European hydronymy belonged to this family.

Another member of this family could have been Pre-Saami, the language spoken in Scandinavia before the spread of Indo-European and Uralic which is likewise unknown.

Paleo-Atlantic conlangs

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