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Benct Philip Jonsson, aka "Melroch"
Birth: 1 December, 1966; Göteborg, Sweden
Profession: Perpetual student (mainly of historical linguistics)

translator, sometimes editor,

Natural languages:
(In order of proficiency ↔ deficiency!

Icelandic (including Old Norse),
Classical Tibetan,

Active created conlangs: Sohlob, Mærik, Slvanjek, Knoschke (aka "B-Noric"), Rhodrese, Burgendish
Other conlangs: Tolkien's Sindarin and Quenya,

Ray Brown's ~bax [piˈaːʃi],
Jan van Steenbergen's Wenedyk

Interests: Language,

Constructed languages,
Alternate history,

More information: (As if you needed any! ;-)


Melroch 'Aestan [ˌmɛlrɔχ ˌɑɛ̯stan] aka Benct Philip Jonsson [ˌbeŋkt ˌfiːlip ˈʑunsːon], creator of several conlangs, Sohlob (including Kijeb), a romlang called Rhodrese and its coterritorial Germanic language Burgendish, which both belong to my Alternative Timeline Lucus are the ones I currently do some work on. Mærik is the best documented of my languages, although it may not be complete. I'm not active on it ATM. Slvanjek really needs some revision, which I'll come around to eventually. Bâzrâmani is only a sketch and very much on the backburner. Knoschke (formerly called "B-Noric") used to be essentially abandoned, but with some talk last summer on reviving the Noric project I returned to it and revised its spelling system, which still needs to be documented. There are still other conlangs which never made it into the internet, of course.

I have started a table of Labels for local cases.

Rhodrese is basically some weird phonological and orthographic ideas. It is was provisionally called "Romlang #3" ("R#3" or "R3"), not because it is the third romlang I ever made, but since it was my third active romlang at the time I found it a good idea to start counting!

I'm putting together a page on how to display your conscript on the wiki.

I begun a a description of Vulgar Latin, or perhaps rather a romlangers' cookbook, but I'm not sure about the format.

Only after I renamed "B-Noric" as Knòškè did it occur to me that both Slvanjek and Knòškè mean 'language of (the) forest dwellers', but that they are separated by 2000 years and belong to different alternate timelines!

I'm also the perpetrator of the semiserious Ný AngloSaxon Speling. I am of the opinion that English spelling needs reform, but also aware that the chances for it are slim, barring social and cultural upheavals humanity should probably better not experience! After all it took a violent revolution to remove four unnecessary letters from Russian orthography!

There is also a not so brief explanation of my use of accent marks, namely a system to indicate stress and length with the standard three marks acute, garve a nd circumflex found for a e i o u in Latin-1.

To-do list

Wiki maintenance

I have created some of utility stuff on this wiki. I'll try to reference here:

The wiki's style sheets