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Spoken in: British Isles
Conworld: Atla
Total speakers:
Classification: Vasconic?
Created by:
Jörg Rhiemeier 2005-

Razaric is a conlang family by Jörg Rhiemeier that is spoken in the British Isles (by the Dwarves) in the framework of Atla. The name is based on the self-designation Mimir Razaran 'People of Razar', in which Razar 'Maker' is the name of the Dwarven creator god.

So far, only a few cursory notes on Razaric exist. The Razaric languages share a number of features (such as VSO word order and initial mutations) with the Albic and Insular Celtic languages, though they are not (known to be) related to any of the two. Rather, the three families in question form a linguistic area. The Razaric languages show ergative argument marking. Razaric seems to be distantly related to Basque, but this is uncertain, and a comparative reconstruction of the common ancestor seems to be out of reach.

The Razaric languages contain many Albic loanwords, especially cultural terms. This most noteworthily includes most of the metalworking terminology: while the Dwarves were great masters of this art in historical times, they had learned it from the Elves.


Proto-Razaric is the reconstructed common ancestor of the Razaric language; it is estimated to have been spoken around 4000 BC. (The Proto-Razaric page is currently under construction.)