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1st millennium BC

5th c. BC Earliest surviving records of the Kirumb language (disputed).

5th century

5th c. Earliest surviving records of the Drake language.
5th-6th c. Demihuman migrations westward to Atlanteia create a community that speaks what comes to be known as Âdlantki.

10th century

10th c. The Drake vernacular is standardized, beginning the stage of the language known as Early Menashean.

15th century

15th c. The dragon philosopher Makri Makri'f lives, and is attributed by most scholars with writing a grammar of Âdlantki.

16th century

16th c. The Âdlantki language undergoes a vowel shift, differentiating it from modern Atlantic.

19th century

19th c. The demihuman minor race known as trents coalesces in the US Pacific Northwest.

20th century

1976 The Atlanteian demihuman Maria Baxter publishes a comprehensive grammar of Kirumb.
1985 Third edition of the Atlanteian National Dictionary (of Atlantic) is published, containing 125,000 entries.

Mars (2000-2005)

4th century A.M.

4th c. A.M. Demihuman minor race of Brownies coalesces in Dunamy Town.

5th century A.M.

5th c. A.M. Dunamy is the most common form of Martian English.

21st century

mid 21st c. New People alienated to demihuman communities develop the cant known as Sirius.

23rd century

23rd c. The Japanese language undergoes reforms that strongly differentiate it from earlier use of the language. This will happen at least once more before the 29th century.

29th century

early 29th c. Naryan is spoken on Iisera.