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Middle Atlantic (Âdlantki)
Pronounced: [ə̀dlɑn(t)kí]
Timeline and Universe: Nother
Species: demihumans
Spoken: Atlanteia
6th–16th century AD
Total speakers: [No data]
Writing system: Kirumb alphabet
Genealogy: Indo-European
    Middle Atlantic
Morphological type: Fusional
Morphosyntactic alignment: [No data]
Basic word order: [no data]
Creator: Muke Tever |
Created: [no data]

Âdlantki or Middle Atlantic is the medieval stage of the Atlantic language, descended from Kirumb.


The history of the language begins with the migration of Kirumb speakers out of Greece starting in the fifth century.

The division between Âdlantki and Atlantic is largely arbitrary, and generally placed at the time of the vowel shift that occurred in the 1500s.


Âdlantki is a Hadwan language in the Indo-European family. Besides its inherited lexicon, Atlantic derives borrowed vocabulary for acrolectal terms from Ancient Greek.

Derived languages


Main article: Âdlantki Lexicon

Writing system

The Âdlantki alphabet is descended from a variety of the Kirumb alphabet (PDF, 117K). As this is not convenient for computer entry, various transliterations exist, the most common being the Windows-character-set-friendly one used on this page.