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Drake (Drake-V.gifDrake-’.gifDrake-N.gif)
Pronounced: /ŋèʔa̰a̰/
Timeline and Universe: Nother
 5th–10th c. AD
Species: dragons
Spoken: Atlanteia
Total speakers: Extinct
Writing system: Drake script
Genealogy: Afro-Asiatic
 Drake (Old Menashean)
  Early Menashean
Morphological type: Fusional
Morphosyntactic alignment: Accusative
Basic word order: VSO
Creator: Muke Tever
Created: 2003

Drake or Old Menashean[1] was a language spoken in Atlanteia from its foundation till roughly the tenth century A.D., after which point it is called Early Menashean.

The dragons who spoke the language had no ethnonym, and simply called themselves N’GV /ŋeʔḛ̀ɣaa/ "dragons", and the language name is derived from this. It is an Afro-Asiatic language, not their innate language; N’V /ŋèʔa̰a̰/, for example, is cognate to Egyptian nˁw 'serpent'.


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Nouns decline for singular/plural and five cases: nominative, genitive, dative, accusative, and locative. The declension for mīne "house" is given below as an example.

sing. plur.
nom. mīne mīnā
gen. nomīne nomīnā
dat. ermīne ermīnā
acc. lemīne lemīnā
loc. nimīne nimīnā


  1. Drake is the traditional English name, and most properly refers to Old Menashean, but is also used generically to refer to any stage of the language. The name Menashean, which refers to Menashe, legendary founder of the city, is a recent coinage also used to refer generically to any stage of the language, but without qualifiers usually means the modern stage of the language.