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Dunamy Martian
Pronounced: /ˈdunəmi/
Timeline and Universe: Nother
Species: Humans and demihumans
Spoken: 5th c. A.M. Mars
Total speakers: [no data]
Writing system: Latin alphabet
Genealogy: Indo-European
  West Germanic
    Modern English
     Martian English
Morphological type: Inflecting
Morphosyntactic alignment: Accusative
Basic word order: VSO
Creator: Muke Tever |
Created: 2001

Dunamy is the English name for the characteristic speech of Dunamy Town, the second-oldest settlement on Mars.



Front Near-front Near-back Back
High i u
Near-high ɪ ʊ
High-mid e o
Low-mid ɛ ʌ ɔ
Near-low æ
Low ɑ

Vowels may be short or long.


Bilabial Labiod. Alveolar Post-alv. Palatal Velar
Nasal m n
Plosive p b t d k ɡ
Fricative f v s z ʃ ʒ
Approximants (w) j
Tap r
Lateral Approximant l
  • I'm not entirely sure about w outside of diphthongs.


Dunamy spelling is regular. Long vowels are spelled double. Hiatus is indicated by an apostrophe. Some letters (marked here by †) are part of the alphabet but not part of standard spelling. Not all the letter names are finalized yet.

Letter Name IPA
A a aa-šoožú /ʌːʃɔːˈʒu/ [ʌ]
Ä ä tårt šoožú
(i.e. dotted šoožú)
/tɑrt ʃɔːˈʒu/ [æ]
Å å åå-šoo'å /ɑːʃɔːˈɑ/ [ɑ]
B b /bi/ [b]
C c or /si/
D d /di/ [d]
E e ee-šoo'e /ɛːʃɔːˈɛ/ [ɛ]
É é éé-låyé /eːlɑjˈe/ [e]
F f ef /ɛf/ [f]
G g [ɡ]
H h
I i ii-šoo'i /ɪːʃɔːˈɪ/ [ɪ]
Í í íí-låyí /iːlɑjˈi/ [i]
J j
K k [k]
L l el /ɛl/ [l]
M m em /ɛm/ [m]
N n en /ɛn/ [n]
O o blín låyó
(i.e. plain låyó)
/blin lɑjˈo/ [ɔ]
Ó ó óó-låyó /oːlɑjˈo/ [o]
P p [p]
Q q
R r åår /ɑːr/ [ɾ]
S s [s]
Š š [ʃ]
T t [t]
U u blín låyžú
(i.e. plain låyžú)
/blin lɑjˈʒu/ [ʊ]
Ú ú úú-låyžú /uːlɑjˈʒu/ [u]
V v [v]
W w [w] (?)
X x eks /ɛks/
Y y [j]
Z z [z]
Ž ž [ʒ]