Races of Nother

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A list of the sentient races of the happentrack called Nother, their descriptions and properties.

Major races


Humans are the most common race on Earth, thus of them little need be said; they are of negligible magical talent, and live the shortest lives: an average of 60 years in modern times, and a limit of about double that.


The demihumans (or terras /ˈtɛrəs/, sg. and pl.) are second to humans in ubiquity. Genetically they don't differ enough from humans to be considered a separate species; the greatest difference is their capacity for magic. All normal demihumans can do illusionary magic to varying degrees, and many have additionally a talent of substantial magic. This may contribute to their longer lifespans, an average of 75, a limit of about 150.

A demihuman's natural appearance can be purely human, though for the most part they bear any of a range of physical features on the human frame that distinguish them, the least of them being distinctive eye, hair, and skin colors; fur, or unusual hair patterns; short horns, ridges, and other protuberances; and unusual height or body proportions.


The rami (/ˈrɑmi/, sg. and pl., variously spelled) are a nonhuman people, but roughly man-shaped; the most noticeable difference is the presence of a tail and wings. The tail is prehensile; the wings manipulable but not powerful enough to enable actual flight. Rami have no magical ability whatever; some claim them to lack imaginative faculties altogether, but this is disputed. Rami live from 120 to 200 years.

Rami coloration varies similarly to human coloration, though instead of being along a basically peach–brown–dark-brown spectrum with other undertones, the basic colors are light-blue–blue-gray–dark-gray.


The dragons are by nature polymorphs. Their native form is draconic; they may assume easily a human or rami form, and for convenience that is generally how they present themselves. They generally prefer the rami form, which retains more familiar anatomy. They accumulate considerable substantive magic ability over the span of their lives. They are solitary by nature, and have been known to live at least two hundred years.

Minor races

  • Trents
  • Brownies
  • Maccans (/məˈkæn/, /ˈmækən/)
  • Griffins

Preternatural† races

(†for lack of a better word)

  • Nightmare, or incubus