Gathenic depiction

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The traditional Gathenic depiction (Dethric elygeor Gatheîn ['elyʒər 'gaθei:n]; Arithide aloussera Gattenaph [a'lu:səra 'gatənaf]) is the usual projection used in maps, and has been since the dawn of modernity. Named for its inventor, famed explorer and cartographer Heneidh Gatheïn, it centres the map around Marcasia, with Eresphria and Canthres on the northwest, Arophania in the south, and Istheusia to the east; the As am Iraph is split between the western and eastern ends of the map.

The Gathenic is the most favoured cartographic arrangement, as it conveniently represents as well the anthropological divisions of Ilethes: not only the east-west division between the Old and New Worlds, but also the sometimes overlapping separation of the world into Arithic, Nospheric, Carabaeic and Dethritic blocs of cultural influence.