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The As am Iraph (Arithide lit. "Sea to the West") or Eastern Ocean is the largest water body on Ilethes, bounded by the continent of Istheusia on its western shores, the Hibondassian Sea to its west and south, to its north by the Reor Camoresis, and to the east by the continents of Eresphria, Canthres, Marcasia and Arophania.


The Arithide name, the As am Iraph, is an inheritance from classical times, and is named from the Areth perspective as to its geographical location. Despite this, the name has gained currency at the expense of the officially preferred and promoted name, "Vonectean Ocean", which in Arithide (Kanadas Vonektinos) literally means "the ocean of many changes", a reference to its unpredictable weather and the wide variations across its huge geographical expanse.

The name Eastern Ocean, on the other hand, is a lesser known and used name, deriving from its old Kiryeb name. In modern usage, the Karyāba prefer to call the ocean the Vonectean.

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