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This is the Dewagistarah torch of Conlang Relay 12.

Tara katsha

For mikhet, prasu te ahatuja met tark: "Ek hafja azamsah."

Dan krtiah af manukh-shap te ahatuja ufar manukh-shap: "Prasu manukh-shapja leitil bala. Manukh-shap af du isja tara. Bala seja!"

Prasu ta ahatuja met tark: "Ek hafja azamsah."

Bala antwartja: "Ek seja bcjuloka."

Prasu ta ahatua met tark: "Au!"

Andara fru te ahatuja: "Au? Isja ni bcjajalu."

"Farsokh af du isja tara. Farsokhja mikhet!" te ahatuja krtiah af manukh-shap.

Prasu ta ahatuja met tark: "Ek hafja azamsah."

Bala te ahatuja: "Du haltja ek pratap. Du pratapja ek mikhet."

Prasu te antwartja: "Bala bcjasaja!"

Bala te ahatuja: "Du twa isja mikhet. Tara nam fir du isja Kunukul."

Prasu te ahatuja: "Unshiltja? Du hafja drikja wiski!"

Krtiah af manukh-shap te ahatuja: "Ek ni folja tara."

Bala te ahatuja: "Niwaraja ek. Nara ko ga namja Kilitin okhsa isja komja. Muska omgipja tot af ek."

Prasu te antwartja: "Ek hafja azamsah."

In ent kala fargaja. Ent af katsha okhsa te isja skrifja fir bala.

A good story

One day, a mother said thoughtfully: "I have hope."

Then the birth helper said about the birth: "A mother bears a little child. Your birth is good. The child looks!"

The mother said thoughtfully: "I have hope."

The child answered: "I see the world."

The mother said thoughtfully: "Ow!"

An other woman said: "Ow? Don't be afraid."

"Your try is good. Keep trying!" said the birth helper.

The mother said thoughtfully: "I have hope."

The child said: "You keep me warm. You warm me much."

The mother answered: "The child talks!"

The child said: "You two are many. A good name for you is Kunukul."

The mother said: "Pardon? You have drunken whiskey!"

The birth helper said: "I don't feel well."

The child said: "Protect me. He who is called Kilitin has also come. The mouse surrounds my death."

The mother answered: "I have hope."

In the end the time passed. The end of the story was written also for the child.

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