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This is the Aingeljã torch of Conlang Relay 12.

Una bona historja

Ũ dïe una mara diçé pensatïuament: "J’heh fè".

Denn al’aixillatora dou part diçé super ou naçament: "Una mara pare ũ piceu cjude. Tou naçament eh bõ. Ou cjude vide!"

A mara diçé pensatïuament: "J’heh fè".

Ou cjude risponé: "Jo vid ou mond".

A mara diçé pensatïuament: "Au!".

Al’autra fama diçé: "Au? Nõ tema. Toul’intent eh bõ. Sega intentant! Diçé al’aixillatora dou part.

A mara diçé pensatïuament: "J’heh fè".

Ou cjude diçé: "Tu mantenes-mi caude. Tu caudes-mi mout."

A mara risponé: "Ou cjude parle!"

Ou cjude diçé : "Asdouz vos ets moutas. Ũ bõ nome pur tu eh Cunucoul."

A mara diçé: "Perdõ? T’has bewat ũ wisci!"

Al’aixillatora dou part diçé: "Jo nõ sent-mi bain."

Ou cjude diçé: "Protegga-mi. A qwe apelle-si Cilitĩn hast venat tantbain. Ou mau rode ma morta."

A mara risponé: "J’heh fè".

Ad ou fĩn ou temp pasaré. Ou fĩ dal’historja esaré scriwat tantbain pur ou cjude.

A good story

One day a mother said thoughtfully: "I hope."

Then the midwife said about the birth: "A mother gives birth to a little child. Your birth is good. The child sees!"

The mother said thoughtfully: "I hope."

The child answered: "I see the world."

The mother said thoughtfully: "Ouch."

The other woman said: "Ouch? Don’t be afraid. Your try is OK. Keep on trying!" said the midwife.

The mother said thoughtfully. "I hope."

The child said: "You keep me warm. You warm me much."

The mother answered: "The child talks!"

The child said: "You both are many. A good name for you is Kunukúlu."

The mother said: "Pardon? You have drunk a whisky!"

The midwife said: "I don’t feel well."

The child said: "Protect me. The one who is called Kilitíni has come too. The badness surrounds my death."

The mother answered: "I hope."

In the end the time will go by. The end of the story will also be written by the child.

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