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This is a list of conlangs Jörg Rhiemeier created.

Currently active projects

These are what I am actually working on currently.

Closed projects

These projects have reached the degree of elaboration I intended for them, and I currently have no intent to continue working on them. This does not mean that these conlangs are complete - a conlang is never complete. It just means that I am happy with them as they are.

Projects in an idea-gathering stage

These projects are under construction, but in a very early stage, and I am still in the process of deciding on basic things such as sound changes.

Dormant projects

These projects are ones I started some time ago and which lost momentum before being "closed", but are not abandoned yet. I may return to them later.

Abandoned projects

This category contains projects which never reached their intended endpoint, and probably never will - because I do not intend to invest any more work in them.

Besides these, there were several others whose names are now forgotten, and many conworlds where names were coined haphazardly without an actual conlang behind them.

See also the Universal Transcription System which I used for many early conlangs.