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Krelian is a family of diachronic lostlangs under development by Jörg Rhiemeier. The project is in its earliest stage. The Krelian languages represent descendants of the language of the Linearbandkeramik (LBK) culture of Neolithic Central Europe, and are distantly related to the Kartvelian languages, on the ground that the LBK people were genetically similar to modern Georgians. Such a relationship is of course utter speculation, but we are dealing with nothing more than a family of conlangs here - and the Kartvelian languages are fascinating, so this gives a rocking cool lostlang idea!

The name Krelian is derived from the Proto-Krelian word *kreli, which underlies the self-designations in various Krelian languages.

See also

  • Agroic languages - the hypothetical language family Krelian is meant to represent