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Aka John Vertical on some places like CONLANG. (Not my real name, either.) On forums, wikis, etc. I use this nick - pretty sure I'm the only one on the 'net using this, too.

Most of the stuff I've put here are (and will be) languages of my althistory Earth' (Earth-prime). You can recognize them from working titles that are either prime-appended counterparts of real languages or families (eg. Japanese') or nonsense names ending in -ax (see indax). Doodles in both diachronic and synchronic phonology, basically. Only a few projects have internal names yet, most prominently Ouiqál and Åzuli.

The Round Robin Conlang is the only collaborativ project I've staken part in so far.

Those interested in a posteriori languages may want to check out Angrex, not of the Earth' series despite a similar name. Perhaps my more loglangy projects will some day be here too, but they're a bit too much in flux currently.

I'm furthermore contributing various general linguistics information, mostly on phonology - articles I've written so far include Allophone, Aspiration, Spirant and Velar consonant — as well as some natlinguistics stuff (generally around Uralic historical phonology, see Proto-Uralic, Finnish) and occasional maintenance.

To do