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Litoria: the Planet

  • Astronomy is not my forte. If the reader notices any inconsistencies in my physical description of Litoria, I would be grateful for being notified.

Litoria: the People

Litoria: the Liwadi

Liwadi: the Culture

Liwadi Culture: Time
Liwadi Culture: Race and Ethnicity
Liwadi Culture: Family
Liwadi Culture: Customs
Liwadi Culture: Food
Liwadi Culture: Manners

Liwadi: the Language

Liwadi: Grammar
Liwadi: Dictionaries

Litoria: the Limli

Limli: the Culture

Limli Culture: Place
Limli Culture: Time
Limli Culture: Race and Ethnicity
Limli Culture: Family
Limli Culture: Customs
Limli Culture: Food
Limli Culture: Manners

Limli: the Language

Limli: Grammar
Limli: Dictionaries

Litoria: the Fudasi

Fudasi: the Culture

Fudasi Culture: Time
Fudasi Culture: Race and Ethnicity
Fudasi Culture: Family
Fudasi Culture: Customs
Fudasi Culture: Food
Fudasi Culture: Manners

Fudasi: the Language

Fudasi: Grammar
Fudasi: Dictionaries