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The final text of the CBB Conlang Relay.


It will start if they want persons too much.
Desire, they can really feel it.
We are happy; We are numerous.
You are not familiar with responsibility.
They do [Not in the vocabulary] without any difficulty
Everyone is related distantly to everyone else.
We will give the always big family with many children, other persons are wanted.
Tradition of flourishing is always shared among many persons.
It is really a virtue that you do much!
Duty to flourish may be unusual for other communities, but conscience of tradition is morally our [Not in the vocabulary].
The actual truth is the sacrifice of person that relies on.
It is the truth, but an optional replacement also really suggests it.
So you have made ability to really choose and decide for yourself.
You vote alone.
Not everyone will have a role model.
One starts not with a doctrine, but with an agreement.
Thus many persons still become dead.

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Skógvur — Vanga — torch

nmn — Jumju — torch

Ossicone — Uskra — torch

Chagen — Pazmat — torch


Milyamd — Perkelen — torch

Xing — Wakeutorch

MrKrov — Pag-buum — torch

Maraxxus — Maxédri — torch

cedhBuruya Nzaysatorch

2-4 — Kàipói — torch

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