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Spoken in: Slevania (Slvanja)
Conworld: Ill Bethisad
Total speakers: 6 million
Genealogical classification: Indo-European
North-Eastern Romance
Basic word order: SVO
Morphological type: inflecting
Morphosyntactic alignment: nominative-accusative
Writing system:
Created by:
BP Jonsson 2003

Slvanjek -- the Slevan language

« Popol szne ljazva jé popol szne kór »

Slvanjek [ˈsl̩vaɲɛts], or in English Slevan [ˈslɛvən], is spoken primarily in the republic of Slevania [slɪˈveɪniə] (Slvanja [ˈsl̩vaɲa]), but also by sizeable populations in the neighboring countries Hungary, the Republic of the Two Crowns and the Bohemian Kingdom, and by a few thousand persons in Austria. Together with Wenedyk, one of the official languages of the Republic of the Two Crowns, and Slezan it forms the north-eastern branch of the Romance languages, also known as the Slavo-Romance languages.

BPJ 13:02, 27 Jul 2005 (PDT)