Tannaean Unionist Party

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The Tannaean Unionist Party (Arithide Tannaein Iralleiim Indallos ['tannai:n 'irəljim 'indəlɔs]) is a regional extremist right-wing political party of Arithia, in the province of Tannaea. Created in 1971 CIE following the tabulation of a draft bill in the Arithian parliament to devolve much power and administrative functions to the regions in the face of growing regionalism, and in opposition to widespread local nationalism, especially to factions intent on an independent Eleena state, it seeks stronger political, economic and cultural ties to the Areth-majority mainstream of the country.

The party is implicated in or has claimed responsibility for several violent incidents, the most recent of which being the 2009 CIE murder of nationalist author Otäära Kotoka, where its covert involvement is suspected, and almost certain in triggering the violent riots following it. In separate incidents, the party's militant Leenö faction orchestrated attacks, bombing Parliament House in 1973, which killed three and pushed back passage of the Devolution Act to 1979 CIE; Asena Square of Tannea in 1990 CIE at the launch of Kotoka's Tannaean translation of Viodh, which killed 133; six separate locations on polling day of the 1996 CIE Tannaean Plebiscite, killing 27; releasing bromine on the Lazean metro in 1999 CIE, killing 45.

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