Parliament of Arithia

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This article is about Arithia's unitary national parliament before the Devolution Act of 1979. For the federal parliament since, see this article instead.

The unicameral Parliament of Arithia (Arithide Komporas Syrroris ['kɔmpəras 'sʏ:rəris] lit. National Forum) was established with the triumph of the Republican Revolution in Arithia in 1886 CIE by constitutional requirement (see Constitution of Arithia). As the ultimate political authority in the Arithide parliamentary system of government, the Komporas wielded considerable power in legislation, and, until the 1905 CIE constitutional amendment mandating the independence of the judiciary, was empowered to elect the judges of the Supreme Court.

The 31st Parliament effectively ended its own existence with its passage of the Devolution Act in 1979 CIE, recognising the "multinational character" of the Arithian state and creating autonomous national republics under a federal Arithian centre. With the Act, the Komporas Syrroris was dismantled and in its place was formed the Komporas Lyndirraris, or "Federal Forum".

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