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The Leenö (Tannaean: "unity") is the militant faction of the extremist right-wing Tannaean Unionist Party (TII), a regional political party of Arithia fiercely supporting increased and deeper political, cultural and economic ties with the Areth-majority mainstream Arithian society, as opposed to autonomy, self-government or even independence. It was founded in 1973 as a splinter group from the TII, apparently over divisions in opinion over how best to respond to the Arithian parliament's express intent to pass the Devolution Act.

While the Leenö has been banned due to its violent and terrorist nature, it is still operational underground, and most recently has been suspected to have been involved in the murder of well-known nationalist author Otäära Kotoka and the riots following it, adding to its considerable list of atrocities, including the 1973 bombing of Parliament House, and the 1990 attack on Asena Square, where Kotoka was launching his politically-sensitive Tannaean translation of one of his own earlier works, Viodh.

Police operations in recent years have hobbled the organisation somewhat, after arresting six of its top operatives and sending its leader, Halema Leeiva into hiding. The group has not committed any further crime since 1999 CIE, when they hijacked a subway train in the Lazean metro and released bromine gas into the air-conditioning system, fatally poisoning 45 and injuring many more people. Military snipers took out the three hijackers in the driver's compartment before evacuating the survivors.

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