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Recovery of processes

I found that I didn't have all my Ibran sound change rules annotated—just the old Ibran stage, after which everything is incomplete. So I'm going to try and recover the rules & fix any mistakes working from my old notes and this page, which was somewhat updated from them. —Muke Tever | 20:28, 9 November 2005 (PST)

I (ego)

  • Old Ibran: ye [ˈjɛ] ✔
  • Roesan: ye [ˈʝɛ] ✔ (ё)
  • Paysan: ye [ˈjɛ] ✔

thou (tu)

  • Old Ibran: tu [ˈtu] ✔
  • Roesan: tu [ˈty] ✔ (тү)
  • Paysan: tu [ˈty] ✔

he (illum)

  • Old Ibran: ill [ˈiʎ] ✔
  • Roesan: ill [ˈiː] ✔ (ī)
  • Paysan: ij [ˈiː] ✔

we (nosalteros)

  • Old Ibran: nosautres [nɔˈzoːtrəs]
  • Roesan: nosautrs [nɔˈzoːtrs] (нозѡ̄търс)
  • Paysan: nosautrăs [nəˈzoːtrəs]

you (vosalteros)

  • Old Ibran: vosautres [vɔˈzoːtrəs]
  • Roesan: vosautrs [vɔˈzoːtrs] (возѡ̄търс)
  • Ibran: vosautrăs [vəˈzoːtrəs]