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The Rami alphabet is used among the Rami to write their language. The grapheme inventory has shown much change over the centuries of its use, but common features in all ages include its geometric letterforms and its tendency to arrange consonant clusters in a manner reminiscent of Hangul syllabic blocks. Its final form includes 51 characters representing individual phonemes, and two diacritics to mark vowel length. Older forms included additional glyphs representing affricates and prenasalized stops; these are now analyzed as clusters and written with separate characters.

The Rami Alphabet
(circa 5th century AM)
p b t d c j k g q
/p/ /b/ /t/ /d/ /ʈ/ /ɖ/ /c/ /j/ /k/ /ɡ/ /ʔ/
pm m tn n ṭn cn jn kn gn
/m̥/ /m/ /n̥/ /n/ /ɳ̥/ /ɳ/ /ɲ̥/ /ɲ/ /ŋ̥/ /ŋ/
rh r lz y w l lh
/r/ /ɾ/ /ɮ/ /w˞/ /j/ /w/ /l/ /ɫ/
ph bh v th dh s sh ch jh kh gh qh
/ɸ/ /β/ /v/ /θ/ /ð/ /s/ /ʃ/ /ʂ/ /ʐ/ /ç/ /ʝ/ /x/ /ɣ/ /h/
i u ö õ o e ä a
/i/ /u/ /ø/ /ɤ̃/ /o/ /ɛ/ /æ/ /ɑ/
ii uu öö õõ oo ee ää aa
/iː/ /uː/ /øː/ /ɤ̃ː/ /oː/ /ɛː/ /æː/ /ɑː/
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