List of Ships of the Risevan Royal Navy

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This page is a list of the ships in the Risevan Royal Navy, or RKN, currently in commission. It also illustrates the naming tradition of ships in the Navy.

Aircraft Carriers

The longstanding tradition with regards to aircraft carriers has been to name them after mountains, while battleships were named after rivers. The first aircraft carrier to serve in the RKN was KV Kaona, launched in 1915 and completed 1917. With the advent of nuclear carriers as well as the gradual demise of battleships as a potent force on the seas, the river titles of the latter gradually were used for the former, in a sense affirming the nuclear carrier succeeding the battleship as queen of the seas.

Presently, after the decommissioning of the last of the conventional carriers in 2038, the RKN has completed its transition to an all-nuclear carrier force with six Rushalya class nuclear carriers. These carriers, presently in the middle of their service life, will remain the mainstay of the navy for a long time as there are no plans to replace them by the government.

Nuclear Carriers

Rushalya Class:


The destroyers of the Risevan Navy are named on a variety of themes, including weather and climatic phenomena, as well as ancient provinces of Risevne and the names of mountains.

Type 9 Destroyers (Varunim Class)

The Varunim class is named after old provinces and subdivisions of Risevne; there are presently 26 ships in commission, making it the mainstay of the surface escort forces. Armed with a wide array of weapons including the Sorvane command system, these ships are some of the most capable surface combat units in the world.

Type 12 Destroyers (Vasoseye Class)

The Vasoseye class is named after weather phenomena; Vasoseye is the Mirselec word for a hurricane or typhoon. A newer and more advanced version of the Type 9, with a lengthened hull and distinctively raised forecastle, there are presently 14 such ships in service, and there are plans to refurbish and overhaul the Varunim class to Vasoseye class standards.


The frigates of the RKN are mostly named after the outlying islands of the country.

Landing Command Carriers

The RKN has a force of three large landing carriers as the core of its marine fighting capability; the ships are under the control of the Risevan Royal Marines, which form a command under the Navy. The three carriers are named after mountains, taking over the designation for battleships in the past.

Kaona Class

The Kaona Class is a formidable ship capable of landing, supporting, and supplying troops on extended operations. Each ship is capable of landing a 1,600 man Royal Marine Battalion and all its equipment, as well as keeping it supplied by air and providing powerful fire support with its squadron of helicopters and attack aircraft.