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The Varunim class of guided missile destroyers (Mirselec Faltzer Harwe Stairovos) is one of two classes of destroyers presently in service with the Risevan Royal Navy, replacing the previous Tarsen Hayari class, the last of which was decommissioned in 2040. Twenty-six ships of this class presently serve with the navy.

The Varunim class ships represent a major advance over the design of their predecessors; improvements in shipboard computer systems as well as major overhauls in the radar and sonar suites, as well as vast advances in propulsion technology, made the ship amongst the most advanced when it first emerged; certainly its computer tracking and air-defence system, known as the Sorvane command system, was and still is the most advanced of its kind in the world. At 8455 tons displacement, the class was also far larger than its predecessor.

Continuing a long-standing tradition within the RKN, these ships are named after ancient provinces and district names of Risevne; in this they have taken over the designations for many cruisers of previous ages. Varunim for example shares its name with the cruiser Varunim, which served with distinction during the Fourth Global War and gained a reputation as being a very charmed ship.

Presently the Varunim class are being reinforced by the newer Vasoseye class destroyers, which have a lengthened and expanded hull but retain the configuration of the Varunim class; the latter are not meant to be a replacement, however. The Risevan government has no plans yet to replace the ships.