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The Risevan Royal Navy, known in Mirselec as Risevan Koraide Nusair, is the naval arm of the Risevan Royal Armed Forces.

The naval history of Risevne can be traced back to the Mirselani raids of the first and second centuries DN; the modern Royal Navy of Risevne, however, dates back to the First Constitution when the two arms of the military were first placed under the control of the monarch and constitution as standing forces. Given Risevne's nature as an island nation the Navy became the senior arm, and even now it is known as the Senior Service (Kresaime Anaos).

The navy played a hugely important role in all four of the Global Wars in which Risevne participated, and over the course of these wars it grew into one of the premier navies in the world. This trend continued through the 20th century, and even as the Risevan Royal Army gradually shrank in size the growth of the navy continued. By the 2010s it was the largest navy in the world, as well as one of the most advanced, and is a full-fledged blue-water force.


Ancient Roots (1st century - 9th century)

Reform and Growth (10th century)

Decline and Revival (late 10th century - early 15th century)

The Standing Force (15th century - 17th century)

Age of Expeditions (17th century - 19th century)

The Global Wars (19th century - mid 20th century)

After the Wars

The Navy Today

The modern RKN is rightly viewed as one of the most powerful navies in the world, and one of the four or five which can maintain a global projection of power especially with its carrier groups.


The stated role of the RKN is to protect the interests of Risevani at home and around the world, as well as to carry out the policies of the Monarch and the Government of Risevne. As Risevne is an island nation, the navy naturally forms an integral portion of home defence; but it also has a network of bases around the world from which it operates.

Though the RKN is not a member of any international military alliance since the disbanding of the Third Asela League in 1948 and its withdrawal from the Eighteen-Power Coalition in 1950, its forces nonetheless take part in many international exercises as observers and active participants. The navy also makes major contributions to peacekeeping forces, both of regional alliances and of the International League.


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The RKN is outfitted for a great spectrum of tasks, beyond that of most other navies and befitting its blue-water orientation. The core of their long-range power projection ability lies in the six Rushalya class aircraft carriers, accompanied by escorting destroyers and submarines which are themselves a powerful force in combat.

The Navy and Risevan Culture

Famous Ships

Famous Navy Personnel