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Translation by Pete Bleackley

somese kakumislu lonosuslu waxofe slatus. sosetapunonping rujolisisi wafe slatus. soxatemlu rulonguping lotsimomomuxamlang wamospwe, ksim somese kasetatsimomlu wafe slatus. somese lolusukimirelelu wafe slatus. sowaksikelusmix rumese tikisanping lomesemuxamakwa wamesexemosfe slatus. somese rupunonping kamirelelu muniracanilu wafe slatus. somese rucumislu tifimolisi wafe slatus. somese rupemameninlang tin rulen ticanyiping locitelalu waxofe slatus. somese rungowaping kawetakim lokimaclu wafe slatus.

Smooth English

We went to the sea in spring. That journey was difficult. Snow blanketed the mountain path, but we went by those mountains. We were at the plain of mint. A fallen oak obstructed our path. We went across the plain with a small wind. We saw the sea. We made good food and traded it on the shore. We went home in winter.

Corrected version by Lila Sadkin

Smooth English

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