Inverse Relay 2/Khangaþyagon

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Translation by Sylvia Sotomayor

Gelar þoa'am linisip. Galgudahi gitommonban. Dahi tilse talpagosebgri mulsa'ekwani shosh gelar talpbangur. Dahar salaðersham ifetuz. Ulti terkha snarutouf yar nazgu. Gelar salaðershgu khælsart singart. Iðuzhar þoa. Apar treshouf yurish beb enþar yi grenna'ut. Gelar undalam harrasip.

Smooth English

Corrected version by Pete Bleackley

gelangar 1 yar 2 þoa'am linisip. galgudahing gitommonban. dahinguf 3 tilse talpagosebgri mulsa'ekwaninguf 4 shosh gelangar yar talpbangur. dahangar yar salaðersham ifetuz. ulting terkha snarutosht 5 yar nazgu. gelangar yar salaðershgu khælsart singart. iðuzhangar yar þoa. apangar yar þæsk 6 yurish beb enþangar yar yi grenna'ut. gelangar yar undalam harrasip.


  • ^1 I've put everything into the past tense, as it seems to fit the narrative better.
  • ^2 Khangaþyagon is not pro-drop.
  • ^3 The existential verb is indicated by putting "dah" in the passive.
  • ^4 Adverbs agree with the verb!
  • ^5 Past participle, rather than passive infinitive.
  • ^6 Decided to coin a new word for this.

Smooth English

We went to the sea in spring. That journey was difficult. There was snow on the mountain path like a blanket, but we went by those mountains. We were at the plain of mint. A fallen oak blocked our way. We went across the plain with a small wind. We saw the sea. We made good food and traded it on the beach. We went home in winter.

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