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Folksprak is a projected auxilary language based on the Germanic languages. It aims to be to the Germanic languages what Interlingua is to the Romance languages. In the decades since the project began, its developers have been unable to agree on how the various aspects of the language should be realised, which led to the creation of several "dialects", e.g. Middelsprake, Folksprâk and Sprak.

Certain elements of the language are virtually settled, e.g. definite article de for all numbers; indefinite article en for the singular; genitive suffix -s (or -es or -'s sometimes); usage of adjectives as adverbs; comparative and superlative adjectival suffixes -er and -est; present/active participle suffix -end; formation of yes/no question by reversing subject and verb. The plural suffix is open to debate (options include -e -er -ar -en -s), as are most verb forms, although the preterite suffix and the past/passive participle suffix will certainly be drawn from the following eight options -t -d -et -ed -te -de -ete -ede.

Sample Text 1 (Universal Declaration of Human Rights)

All ménshen aere gebéred fri méd gelik wérdighéd ond rihten. Dé érve ferstand ond gewitt ond dé shulle behandele élkén inn én gést av brodershap.

\al ˈmɛnʃən ˈɛːrə gəˈbeːrəd friː meːd gəˈliːk ˈʋɛrdɪgˌheːd ɔnd rɪxtən. deː ˈɛrvə fərˈstand ɔnd gəˈʋɪt ɔnd deː ʃʊlə bəˈhandələ ˈeːlkˌeːn ɪn ən gɛst av ˈbroːdərˌʃap.\

Sample Text 2 (the same declaration)

Ale menske ar bort fri ug glèk in vardighèd ug rète. Di ar utstirt met fernuft ug samvit, ug burd handela to en-ander in en bròderlik gèst.

Folksprak word formation guidelines


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