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Dngwa - this is an idea to make an international language based on proto-indo-european. To make things easier one would change as little as possible from the PIE word, though special sounds like larygeals and things would be missed out and just written as Roman letters. The grammar would be fully regular and there'd be no cases apart from pronouns (just nominative v everything else) or conjugation.

Some basic words to get the idea across:

eg, me = i, me, mine tu, te = you so wiro/so gwen/id = he/she/it

wej/nos = we, us ju, wos = you pl. so wiros/so gwenes/ides

pro me=mine, pro te=your ..you get the idea!

so=this tod=that ki=here

-es/-s for plural, as above (as it or variants like an -r plural are most common in modern IE)

de= to do

-de = past suffix

ojn = one dwo = two trej = three kwetwor = four penkwe = five sweks = six septm = seven okto = eight newn = nine dekm = ten

kmto(m)= hundred

peter = father meter = mother breter = brother swesor = sister

ekwo = horse (a basic word if you're on the steppes of Central Asia!) gwow=cow melg= milk

wekw=voice nomn = name

dngwa= tongue/language

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