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The Sylvan text posted to the official website for the dLCC relay is incomplete (part of the English translation is missing). Here is the full text as originally submitted.


Vez lucun khesiotheriobh nioghezin, elasezin.
Cia curiotheza khesiotheriobh mazin. Ez ersilaph oi bhuroghezin.
Mo miothexioph roxiothez,
Veza zudheothropa nugh,
Mo oi diobhibhoghagh.
Nadh rusole tusoiric lucun lobamvam,
Za ruso sanz lobamvam.
Mizevaza! Fe robam.
Ziph zudheothropa ghia, alsavam,
Nadh ghe zoveu mo zaievazonio saghomim, lobamvam,
Soturuxiobh saghomim.
Bhuza gheun ias khimanin, io ma?
Bomiphezin, vuenin!
Vuenin, veza ez nosoluzuth phiosurio laubhupsekh.
Nadh ziph phiosurio ias laubhupagh.
Vibhurio ghia mo ez cioraiuza mo cieramuza laubhupezagh.

Smooth English

Here is what I would like to try to create.
I'd like it to be different. Soon my breath will fade.
And I will surely succeed,
Because the universe exists,
And may have once begun.
But I don't know how to begin,
I don't even know what a beginning would be.
Alas! I give up.
I know that the universe exists now,
But I don't know that it is composed of elements and other things,
Although it is so.
Is there someone who doesn't like it?
Let them start it over!
Let them, for our land has been growing dark.
But it is not darkening anymore.
It is shining and it will soon be great and flourishing.

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