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The cor (Ancaron Cor.png) is the grouping of Ancaron logograms, and is used to write most basic words. It is normally written from top to bottom, left to right, as is the marcor. Cor words have a specific meaning, however their pronunciation can vary between the various Ancaron languages. New words can be formed by the combination of several cor. It was based on Japanese Kanji.

Example words:

  • An (Ancaron An.png): center, central
  • Car (Ancaron Car.png): plural
  • Cor (Ancaron Cor.png): writing, to write
  • Mar (Ancaron Mar.png): part, (to) fragment
  • On (Ancaron On.png): person, personal
  • Pot (Ancaron Pot.png): mouth, eat
  • Marcor (Ancaron Mar.pngAncaron Cor.png): "fragmentary cor"
  • Potcor (Ancaron Pot.pngAncaron Cor.png): to speak, speech
  • Caron (Ancaron Car.pngAncaron On.png): people
  • Ancaron (Ancaron An.pngAncaron Car.pngAncaron On.png): Ancaron "central people"