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This page lists all of the individual Ancaron cor, their Roman (latancor) transliterations, and their meaning in English.

  • Cor are ordered by the p-l-l system, which is a list of three numbers, the first marking the number of separate parts the cor is made up of, the second being the number of lines that make up the cor, and the third being the number of simple loops in the cor.
Cor Latancor English
(1-1-0) File:Ancaron Vet.png Vet 1, one, first
(1-4-0) File:Ancaron Bac.png Bac Far, far away, long
(1-4-0) File:Ancaron Ven.png Ven North, nothern
(1-4-0) File:Ancaron Fem.png Fem South, southern
(1-4-0) File:Ancaron Bit.png Bit West, western
(1-4-0) File:Ancaron Gan.png Gan Chair, to sit, seat
(1-4-0) Ancaron Don.png Don Past, before
(1-4-1) File:Ancaron Fim.png Fim East, eastern
(1-4-1) Ancaron An.png An Center, central
(1-4-1) Ancaron Car.png Car Plural
(1-5-0) File:Ancaron Nac.png Nac New
(1-5-0) File:Ancaron Tor.png Tor Fast, quickly
(1-5-1) File:Ancaron Deb.png Deb Outside, outer, out, to go outside
(1-5-2) File:Ancaron Ruc.png Ruc Slow, slowly
(1-5-2) File:Ancaron Viv.png Viv 5, five, fifth
(1-6-0) File:Ancaron Tan.png Tan Inside, inner, in, to go inside
(1-6-2) File:Ancaron In.png In More, many
(1-6-3) File:Ancaron Dop.png Dop Present
(1-6-3) Ancaron Mar.png Mar Part, fragment, fragmented
(1-7-2) File:Ancaron Vad.png Vad 7, seven, seventh
(1-7-4) File:Ancaron Um.png Um Near, close, short
(1-8-1) File:Ancaron Tai.png Tai Location
(1-8-7) File:Ancaron Ver.png Ver 8, eight, eighth
(1-9-6) File:Ancaron Vod.png Vod 9, nine, ninth
(2-2-0) File:Ancaron Vop.png Vop 2, two, second
(2-5-0) File:Ancaron Pub.png Pub Sky, to fly, aerial
(2-5-0) File:Ancaron Ab.png Ab Front, frontal, to move forward
(2-5-0) File:Ancaron Ac.png Ac Back, to move backwards
(3-3-0) File:Ancaron Vuc.png Vuc 3, three, third
(3-4-0) File:Ancaron Ran.png Ran Life, to live, living
(3-4-0) Ancaron On.png On Person, personal
(3-4-0) File:Ancaron Pac.png Pac Sun, to shine, solar
(3-5-0) File:Ancaron Mun.png Mun Hole, to dig
(3-5-0) File:Ancaron Muc.png Muc I, me, my
(3-5-0) File:Ancaron Et.png Et It, he, she, him, her, hers, his, its
(3-5-0) File:Ancaron Van.png Van 0, zero, zeroth, none
(3-6-0) File:Ancaron Ov.png Ov Ground
(3-6-0) File:Ancaron Vib.png Vib 6, six, sixth
(3-7-2) File:Ancaron Cip.png Cip Love, to love ()people
(3-7-2) File:Ancaron Civ.png Civ Future, after
(3-8-4) Ancaron Cor.png Cor Writing
(4-4-0) File:Ancaron Vam.png Vam 4, four, fourth
(4-4-0) File:Ancaron Man.png Man Left, to turn left
(4-4-0) File:Ancaron Od.png Od Down, lower, to descend, below
(4-4-0) File:Ancaron Ot.png Ot Up, upper, to ascend, above
(4-4-0) File:Ancaron Rac.png Rac Right, to turn right
(4-4-0) File:Ancaron Ref.png Ref Water
(4-5-0) File:Ancaron Doc.png Doc You, your
(5-6-0) File:Ancaron Pat.png Pat Light, bight, to illuminate
(5-6-0) File:Ancaron Fen.png Fen Few, less
(6-8-0) File:Ancaron Pu.png Pu Group, together