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The marcor (Ancaron Mar.pngAncaron Cor.png) is the Ancaron alphabet, and is used to write words not covered by the cor, or for showing the pronunciation of a cor word. The name is a combination of "mar" and "cor," which translates to "Fragmentary cor," meaning that the cor were broken up into their constituent sounds. It is normally written from top to bottom, left to right, as is the cor. It was based on Japanese hiragana.


  • A: Ancaron A.png
  • B: Ancaron B.png
  • C: Ancaron C.png
  • D: Ancaron D.png
  • E: Ancaron E.png
  • F: Ancaron F.png
  • G: Ancaron G.png
  • I: Ancaron I.png
  • L: Ancaron L.png
  • M: Ancaron M.png
  • N: Ancaron N.png
  • O: Ancaron O.png
  • P: Ancaron P.png
  • R: Ancaron R.png
  • S: Ancaron S.png
  • T: Ancaron T.png
  • U: Ancaron U.png
  • V: Ancaron V.png
  • Z: Ancaron Z.png