Conlang Relay 15/Talarian

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by Padraic Brown

The Text

hawactôs camawtaruša

weytyast tu hawarççan-ca — tlicakîsâyast! na içatla-ca; na hawatôs-ta; na manayâmtar antar limtanar-ta, na hawarççan-ca. tarâmtar antar xattamaxaxartar. hawarççan-cat maxakananati; maxaharamanacasamati. tarfâs-ta mesas na werkómtar kananes-hupar-com, wartâmtar antar wacâmtar-he, tarâmtar antar; içatlamanyel. weyttâr makam: cat it hassa workar hayos dengýmyy. tarfâs-ta mesas werkómtar-mat hawarkanes-enso-com. irila-ca na içatlapatanômti.

Smooth English

story of hidden things

look at the dance — examine it closely! it is not the first; it is not the song; they don't learn the music, nor the dance. they go along the path of their great desire this dance is most graceful, most harmonious. our dervishes do not dance with greater grace, they whirl and weave, they go along; of one spirit. seems to me: this itself is the work of His Voice. do our dervishes dance with less effort? these others do not make even one step.

Grammar and Vocabulary


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