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The Artya ['ɑ:tjə] (Dethric, Arithide, Kiryeb [ar'tja]) or Artyan Sea is a sea in the northern reaches of Ilethes bounded by the continents of Eresphria, Marcasia and Istheusia. The sea also borders the polar Reor Camoresis to the north of Eresphria; it is linked to the Pelas by the Bidan Channel, and to the As am Iraph by both the Deis Paphresis and the Armagnol Strait.

The sea's location between the frigid north pole and the warm Marcasian continent and the adjacent As am Iraph gives rise to its rather choppy character in the west; in the east, bounded by the cooler Istheusian landmass, the Artya is noticeably calmer, more balmy, and more conducive to trade: it has indeed been used as a trade route between the Carabaean and Nospheratic empires of old (see Ilethes in the Classical Age for more).

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