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The Arophanian plate (Arithide Salla Araphenaph ['salla a'rafənaf]) is a tectonic of southern Ilethes atop which sits the continent of Arophania, diverging from the Marcasian plate in the north, the Istheusian plate in the northeast and the Oriconi plate in the west, but subducting the Maellorian plate to the east. The general direction of drift is southeasterly, at a rate of under 2cm p.a.

Mineral content of the plate and its underlying magma is mainly basaltic, being rich in iron and magnesium. For this reason, lava from Arophanian volcanoes is generally fluid, tending to cover wide areas before solidifying; one such area is the Nimaean plain, a lava plateau remnant from the orogeny of the Alerryagi.



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